Bergö is an archipelago village in the municipality of Malax.
Until 1973 Bergö was an independent municipality.
The area is about 4500 hectare.
The village has about 500 inhabitants.
Bergö appears to be attractive both for young and older people.
The population have been solid the last 10 years.
There are about 60 workplaces on Bergö and approximately 50 percent of them commutes.
The service occupation represent the highest proportion.
Primary industri has decreased.
Today (2003) it is about 40 fishermen that have full-time work.
Employment within coastguard and as pilots has disappeared.
Ferry communication gives work to six persons.

Infrastructure and service:
1962 Bergö got ferry communication. At that time the ferry only run in daytime.
From 1974 Bergö has cable ferry and from the spring 1996 the ferry runs on timetable.

Nyvägen on Bergö was improved from summer 1996 and the work was completed 1997.
The road between Perisgrund and Bredhällan got new asphalt in summer 1996.
New fishing harbour has been built on Ytterbådan. The work was finished 1997.
There are boatmarinas on Bredhällan, Perisgrund and at Bergö Camping on Norrsundet.
Guestbridge and servicehouse are near the ferry.
Bergö Boatclub look after the fairway in the archipelago.

The bus to Vaasa runs only one time every weekday.
About 70 percent of the household have municipal water and sewage.

In the village there is:
- two shops, Gift and flowershop, Bergö delicacy, post office, bank, junior level school, advice bureau, Church and parish home. Free Church parish, Library branch, day nursery, fire depot, Cafe & Bar, Beachcafé, sports ground, lighted running track and bathing place. Local history museum, Car and Tire service, gas station, hairdressers, home help, boatbuilding, joinery, taxi and a handful of meeting places etc.
For accomodation there are rental cottages.
For ride interest there are Stable Wild West.

Bergö has many non-profit organizations and many people take an active part in them:
- Bergö UF (youth association)
- Bergö boat club
- Bergö fishing club
- Bergö ancient monument association
- Bergö hunting club
- Bergö Marta association
- Free Church parish Tabor
- The association Bergö pensioners apartment
- Sheep club
- Association Peoples health on Bergö
- Skifteslaget
- Bergö Red Cross local division
- Strömmingsbådans interest association
- Home and School association
- Bergö mission sew association
- Bergö IF (sports association )
- Bergö island council

Possibility and resources

- good service
- archipelago environment
- Rönnskär and Strömmingsbådan
- good provisions products
- market and summer trading
- new fishingharbour
- Bergö Resourcecenter
- old elementary school
- Nordic contacts
- possibilities to move in
- summerguests
- tourists
- many employments

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